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FOSS@PorschePorsche Open Source Platform
With the Porsche FOSS Movement, we are continuing our open-source journey and creating a common understanding of values, principles and goals - in all teams, all subsidiaries and across all national borders.
Our Key Values and Principles
Move from #commercial-software to #free-open-source-software, wherever possible
#FOSS MotivationPorsche empowers their employees to dedicate time for participating in FOSS activities.
#FOSS FirstAn employee should evaluate open and inner-source software before deciding for commercial software.
Move from #consume to #contribute and #create in open-source communities
#FOSS ContributionsFOSS activities are not only limited to contributing code but should also embrace non-code contributions such as design, translations, bug reporting, UX Improvement, recruiting, testing, documentation, project and community management, communication and many more.
#FOSS CollaborationAn employee should be committed and active in inner-source and open-source communities to foster collaboration, build software faster, and embrace innovation.
Move from #know-it-all to #learn-it-all
#FOSS CommunityPorsche shall support and enable its employees to use, contribute to, influence, and launch new FOSS activities to acquire knowledge and partner with technology leaders.
#FOSS EthicsAn employee should always act responsibly, adhere to existing codes of conduct, and own their FOSS activities to endorse a positive image.
Move towards #digital-transformation with open source striving for speed of #innovation and shorter time to market
#FOSS VisibilityPorsche contributions in open-source communities should establish a foundation to promote reputation as digitally enabled company and attract IT experts.
#FOSS ReusabilityAn employee should be open to share and consume any FOSS activity within the Porsche inner-source community to achieve shorter time to market by “not reinventing the wheel”.
Move towards a #compliant environment for FOSS activities and #contributions
#FOSS IntegrityPorsche provides all means and information to enable the responsible employee to act in full awareness of the “two sides of one coin” and avoid unnecessary risks for Porsche and the employees: the benefits of FOSS activities on one side, and the corresponding legal, tax and business requirements on the other side.
#FOSS ComplianceAn employee should be encouraged and empowered to use FOSS and contribute to upstream projects by being provided with lean but compliant processes and tooling.
Android Open Source Project Avatar
UpstreamAndroid Open Source ProjectAndroid unites the world. Use the open source Android operating system to power your device.
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Porsche Design System Avatar
PublicPorsche Design SystemFind all the fundamental UXI guidelines and pattern-based web components to build brand driven, consistent and intuitive designs for digital Porsche products.
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OSS Review Toolkit Avatar
UpstreamOSS Review ToolkitA suite of tools to automate software compliance checks.
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Porsche Digital Campus
PublicResearch @ Porsche Digital CampusCode published alongside various academic research projects.
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Porsche Design System Avatar
PublicPorsche Design System China (PUI-CN)Porsche styled enterprise UI library localized for the Chinese market, offering styled components, fonts, icons, themes, and powerful form handling.
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Porsche Open Source Platform
PublicPorsche Open Source PlatformThe POSP is a one-stop shop for all open-source activities of Porsche AG and subsidiaries, featuring selected projects and providing documentation on our FOSS best practices.
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mbeddr Avatar
Upstreammbeddr.formalFASTEN: FormAl SpecificaTion ENvironment - a set of DSLs to experiment with rigorous systems and safety engineering.
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Cookie Consent Banner Avatar
PublicCookie Consent BannerThe lightweight and flexible Cookie Consent Banner
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Terraform AWS ECR Usage Dashboard Screenshot
PublicTerraform AWS ECR Usage DashboardA Dashboard for AWS ECR usage based on CloudWatch log insight queries
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ESLint Avatar
PublicESLint Config Porsche DigitalAn opinionated ESLint config which supports: JavaScript, TypeScript, Jest and React.
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Contributor Stories
Cookie Consent BannerThe Cookie Consent Banner is one of the very first FOSS projects published by Porsche back in 2021. In this Contributor Story, the two maintainers Tim and Patrick share what they have learnt over the past three years and how they managed to keep an eye on the needs of the community.Learn more

Android Open Source ProjectFebruary 19, 2024The new-generation infotainment system in the Macan is based on Android Automotive OS. In this contributor story, Michael Eichler highlights the benefits of building upon a well-proven and established open-source platform instead of having to reinvent the wheel.Learn more
Research @ Porsche Digital CampusDecember 18, 2023The Porsche Digital Campus is an innovative initiative with the goal of bringing together research and real-world application in the fields of AI, machine learning, and data science.Learn more
OSS Review ToolkitNovember 3, 2023In this contributor story, the Open Source Office (OSO) at Porsche AG explains why it has chosen OSS Review Toolkit (ORT) as their core service for all in-house developed initiatives and why they preferred to collaborate with the community rather than buying a commercial solution.Learn more
Porsche Design SystemAugust 30, 2023The Porsche Design System provides all the fundamental UXI guidelines and pattern-based web components to build brand driven, consistent and intuitive designs for digital Porsche products. Marcel Bertram, Specialist Digital Marketing UI/UX at Porsche, explains why this project was published as an open-source project and what his team learned along this way.Learn more
OSPO End-User JourneysTODO Group Steering Committee 2024Lutz Meschke, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board and Member of the Executive Board for Finance and IT at Porsche AG, 2019, Porsche AGAn OSPO maturity model featuring case studies from Bloomberg, Comcast, and PorscheTaycan GTS, 2021, Porsche AG 911Macan, 2021, Porsche AGCarrera 4S, 2018, Porsche AG
Our growing documentation provides transparency on how Porsche is contributing to open source and the standards we are endorsing for new projects to foster healthy communities.
Contributor License AgreementHow you can contribute to our open-source projectsLearn more
Contributing UpstreamHow we contribute to open-source projectsLearn more
Creating FOSSHow we publish and manage new open-source projectsLearn more
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Porsche AG is a General Member of TODO Group. TODO is an open community of practitioners who aim to create and share knowledge, collaborate on practices, tools, and other ways to run successful and effective Open Source Program Offices or similar Open Source initiatives.