FOSS@PorscheContributing Upstream
How we contribute to open-source projects The purpose of this document is to provide transparency on how Porsche is contributing to open-source projects and the standards we're endorsing. The intended audience is both interested visitors as well as employees of Porsche AG and subsidiaries. Preliminary steps Following our FOSS Movement, we empower our employees to dedicate time for participating in FOSS activities. FOSS activities are not only limited to contributing code but should also embrace non-code contributions such as design, translations, bug reporting, UX Improvement, recruiting, testing, documentation, project and community management, communication and many more. Our employees are provided with all means and information on our contribution policy in our corporate wiki. Furthermore, we appreciate any contribution to the FOSS projects we're maintaining. You can find more information on the agreement under which you can contribute to our FOSS projects in our Contributor License Agreement. Our pledge As Porsche Group, we do not only want to be a good open-source citizen by being compliant when using open-source software, but be an outstanding open-source citizen by contributing back to the community and collaborating with professionals worldwide. Thus, we ensure to act responsible, help others wherever possible by sharing your knowledge, learn from others and accept different standpoints or requirements, give credit where credit's due, especially when collaborating with others. Establishing a 4-eyes-principle Generally, we ensure that a second peer is able to reproduce and confirm the issue or review the proposed change and successfully build/execute it. More information on our coding principles can be found in the Porsche Development Guidance. Git Configuration We will contribute to outbound FOSS projects by signing all our commits with an official Porsche email address and on behalf of @porscheofficial, including the following block at the end of our commit messages:
Signed-off-by: Jane Doe <>
on-behalf-of: @porscheofficial <>
Thus, should you contribute on behalf of Porsche, please ensure that you and your supervisor have the required signature authorization, you received final approval from the Open Source Office at Porsche AG to contribute, you have added an official Porsche email address to your GitHub account, you sign all commits with your official Porsche email address as stated above. See Setting your commit email address and Creating a commit on behalf of an organization for more information.