AI generated Porsche Taycan
FOSS@PorscheContributor Stories
Research @ Porsche Digital CampusThe Porsche Digital Campus is an innovative initiative with the goal of bringing together research and real-world application in the fields of AI, machine learning, and data science.Learn more

OSS Review ToolkitNovember 3, 2023In this contributor story, the Open Source Office (OSO) at Porsche AG explains why it has chosen OSS Review Toolkit (ORT) as their core service for all in-house developed initiatives and why they preferred to collaborate with the community rather than buying a commercial solution.Learn more
Porsche Design SystemAugust 30, 2023The Porsche Design System provides all the fundamental UXI guidelines and pattern-based web components to build brand driven, consistent and intuitive designs for digital Porsche products. Marcel Bertram, Specialist Digital Marketing UI/UX at Porsche, explains why this project was published as an open-source project and what his team learned along this way.Learn more